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Email Marketing for Artists

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Did you know that my email list is my number one driver of art sales?

I know- when I first started I couldn't believe it either. But if every part of my art business disappeared and I could choose just one aspect to rely on, my email list would be it!

Why all the hooha about email marketing?

Consistently showing up in your collectors inbox ensures that you will remain front of mind. Meaning even if they’re not in the market for art now, when they ARE, you will be the first person they think of. (Yaasss!)

Just a few reasons why email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies for artists:

  • When people open their emails they are in “engage mode” instead of quickly scroll by mode

  • Only 10% of your content is seen on social media. (Ouch!) Emails ensure the right people get the right information.

  • 77% of people prefer permission-based promotional messages via email.

  • You are in control of your audience. You are not at the whim of an ever changing algorithm, being hacked or changing trends.

  • You don’t have to guess if your collectors have received important information. You know it’s in their inbox and you can even see if they’ve opened it.

  • Serving people in their inbox is a powerful tool for building the know, like and trust factor so that when you are ready to sell, people are SO ready to buy.

But how do you actually get anyone on your email list??

That's exactly the right question to be asking friend.

The best way to get someone on your list is to offer them something of value in exchange for their email address. That offer is called a “lead magnet” or a “freebie.” That might be your monthly newsletter, but I hate to break it to you...these days a newsletter isn't going to cut it. People keep their email addresses close to their heart (that hustle to get to inbox zero is real) To get collectors on your artist email list you need to be offering them something slightly more enticing. When they see what you’re offering, you want them to say “um, yes please!"

Designing a great lead magnet is a bit of an art. But the good news is that it's totally doable! They key is to find the intersection between your own unique gifts and what your audience might find helpful. Are you a bit of an illustrator? Give away a beautifully illustrated monthly calendar. Does your art lend itself to design? You can turn your art into phone or computer wallpapers and give those out for free. Do you have a knack for interior design? Offer a guide for styling a well curated entrance way.

There are so many different options. Get creative and try a few. Remember to go for that intersection between your unique gifts and what your audience would love.

If you're ready to give email marketing and creating a lead magnet a go, check out this post all about how to create a killer lead magnet as an artist to help you grow your collector base.

Email marketing is the number one way to connect with your audience of art collectors, send traffic to your website and drive art sales. But I can literally hear you saying...

But what do even write about??? Not about your art sales! Not yet anyway. Did you know that the average art collector needs between 5-10 touch points with an artist or their artwork before the decide to buy it? The more connected your collector feels to you as the artist and your work the more likely they are to buy your art. How do we create those kind of connections? Story.

Through the power of story you can nurture your audience through your email list; allowing them to get to know you, your work and form the kind of connections that will see them become life long advocates of your work. But what do you write stories about? Check out this episode of The Optimistic Artist. This epside talks about the power of story, what to tell stories about as an artist and comes with a free workbook to help you discover YOUR OWN story and learn how to tell it in a way that sells.

If you're ready to dive into email marketing for artists, find out everything from how to create a lead magnet to what free tech to use over on this post here. If there's one thing I know you'll never regret it's having a list of collectors at your finger tips. Go on!

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