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Commission an Artwork

Updated: Jan 28


It’s such an honour to create a piece that means something important enough to take up valuable space in your home. Investing in a commission is a deeply personal experience resulting in an artwork that becomes part of your story and gets passed down through generations.


We imagine together

We start with an in-home (or zoom) consult. If needed I can help you decide which colours and dimensions will elevate your space. We chat framing options and discuss which elements of my work you like and want to incorporate. I love hearing people’s stories and weaving those into the artwork in subtle but meaningful ways. There is no commitment required from you at this stage - it’s here we throw ideas around and decide if you’d like to go ahead.

We make it official

Before I begin, we finalise the cost and timeline (determined by the size and materials). You can get a little insight into sizes and prices with the price guide below. At this stage you decide to commit to the process with a non refundable 30% deposit to cover materials.

I start painting

I begin creating your piece. Commissioned pieces are a cut above other artworks. An immense amount of time and energy is focused on creating a personalised meaning important enough to take up valuable space in your home. Although we plan the general feel of the work, it’s impossible to plan the exact look of a painting. I work with a lot of unpredictable materials such as water and pouring mediums…we’re talking chemical reactions! You never know exactly how each medium is going to respond to another and a lot of decisions are made on the spot. Each piece has its own unique chemistry which is just such a beautiful thought. This requires an element of trust from you in me as the artist. You can be sure that it will be the agreed upon colour and style, but there’s always an element of surprise in terms of the exact look of the painting. How exciting!

The reveal

The reveal is always a special moment because you’ve just invested in a family heirloom. I only want to part with art that people love. If you don’t love it, you’re welcome to leave the painting in my possession - understanding that the 30% deposit is non refundable and the painting will then be sold to someone else.


Depending on location, I will either deliver your artwork to your home or pack and ship it to you for a fee. If your location allows, I can also arrange a professional to come and instal your artwork -especially handy for those extra large pieces or works comprised of several pieces.


Birch Board Circles:

90cm: $2900

120cm: $3900

These are not the only available sizes and prices, but this will give you a rough idea of what to expect. Custom made canvases are available in any size. Final prices are determined by dimensions and materials and are agreed upon before proceeding. Prices include local travel and one on one consultations. Cost of framing is discussed at our consultation. (Circles cannot be framed)

Birch and Canvas:

90cm: $ 2500- $2900 150cm: $4900- $5200

200cm: $6000-$6800

Payment Plans:

It's a big investment. And I totally get that. Payment plans can be set up with ease.


If you have any questions or would like to reach out about a commission I’d love to have a chat. You can reach me via email at


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