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Monique Storey host of art marketing podcast The Optimistic Artist

My life mission

is to help you see what's possible, find clarity, strategy and be your number one cheerleader as you take your next step towards creative success. I’m all about inspirational time in the studio, but I bring the strategy to make sure that your time in the studio is profitable.


Finding your way as a creative entrepreneur can be kinda lonely and super overwhelming. Instagram, markets, art fairs, email marketing, galleries… where do you even begin, right?! I remember being in that same state of overwhelm.  After 5 sold out launches, I learnt a thing or two and bringing clarity and strategy to artists wanting to build a life of creative freedom is my jam! I teach artists how to build their audience, create demand for their work and sell art they love to people who love it too! 

A little bit more about me

Monique Storey online artist
Optimistic Artist Monique Storey art marketing expert

First and foremost I am wife to Glen, the best human I know, and mum to two precious tiny humans Hugo and Theo. Prior to this, I worked as a professional fairy at kids birthday parties (think full costume and glitter, jumping out of the bushes to surprise 5 year olds) and then as a primary school teacher for ten years before finally pursuing a career as an artist. If I’m honest, my success as an artist was born out of loss and adversity.

Artist Mother Monique Storey

Choosing to look for the possibilities.


What kept me in the teaching game for a decade was 3 years of miscarriages. As I waited for my time to come, I chose to look for the possibilities opening up in front of me. I learnt a ton of skills, got awarded Apple Distinguished Educator, got some incredible speaking gigs and honed my love for teaching adults and kids. And my dream of becoming a mum did eventually come true with the arrival of our first son Hugo.

Pregenant artist Monique Storey
Pregenant artist Monique Storey

We made a tiny human

Online artist Monique Storey with family
Arist Monique Storey's baby

Hugo William

Sydney bound

In 2019, I left behind my community and moved to Sydney, Australia. I knew moving to a new country where I knew no one was going to be hard, but I didn’t realise just how crippling it would truly be. This was a super tricky season, but everything changed when I started to see my “obstacles” as guidelines and went on a journey determined to find my possible.


Guided by my “limitations” I started my art career selling prints on my website.


That first year was…well, interesting.

I made no money and I wasn’t enjoying

the work I was creating. 

Although that first year was far from a raging success, I learnt everything I needed to equip myself for the success that was about to come!

Abstract online artist Monique Storey

1.Find your possible

2. How you respond to failure will    

   determine your success

3. How to grow an engaged audience

4. How to serve them via an email list

5. Where to order whiskey online ##pandemictimes.

The birth of something new

After the birth of Theo, I returned to creating original works. As my studio filled with paintings, I decided to put on my big girl pants and approach galleries. Next thing I knew Covid was a thing and galleries shut their doors.


Not sure if you’ve noticed a theme here but instead of waiting for things to change I once again set out to find what was possible. This lead me to creating my first online launch. (Luckily I had an engaged online audience and an active email list).

artist mother Monique Storey
Artist mother Monique Storey
Artist Monique Storey's baby

I literally had not been to the hairdresser since Hugo was born. #Mumlife

Theodore Ernest

I had no idea what I was doing so you can imagine my surprise when everything sold out in three minutes! I knew I was onto something. I continued to hone my launch strategy, use the power of story to connect with collectors, harness the power of my email list and continued with 5 more sell out launches.

Online art marketing expert Monique Storey

And here we are today


Being able to live a life of creativity and flexibly has been life changing. Using the online launch strategy means I can be available for my tiny humans whilst also honouring the creativity inside of me. I’m so passionate about helping other artists see what's possible for them too. I have so much on my heart for the future, but my first step was starting my podcast 'The Optimistic Artist' and serving my growing community of artists through my email list. If you’re not on my email list, get yourself on there. I share my best with my email subscribers.

I love this creative life that nurtures my soul, provides financially and creates flexibility for me to be present with my family and enjoy life. When I’m not in the studio or conjuring up new ways to help artists, you will likely find me doing one these things.

Conquering the coastline

Running is my happy place. I’m so grateful that my body can carry me along the coastlines of the Northern Beaches while I recharge, listen to podcasts and enjoy the sunshine. I’m a perpetual mover! My best creative and business ideas come while I’m moving my body. I’m the absolute worst sick person you could ever imagine!

Sipping Japanese whiskey:

Whether it’s at my favourite underground wiskey bar, on the deck with friends or in the studio, you just can’t go wrong with a good glass of Japanese whiskey. No one will ever need to wonder what to buy me for christmas ever again.

Getting amongst it at wine  book club.

One thing I am incredibly grateful for is the support of the people around me. I love getting together with these ladies and definately not drinking more wine than talking about books.

Keeping score

After seeing my stress levels rise, I committed to playing tennis at least once a week. Tennis is my no strings attached fun that I do for no reason other than it brings me joy! (Also, who doesn't look hella cute in a tennis skirt and a pair of white sneakers?!)

Get your dose of  optimism

Instagram of online artist Monique Storey


Artist tips,  funny reels, antics with my tiny humans... this is where I share most of my life. Jump on over and say hi! .

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Instagram, art fairs, art prizes, email marketing... where to begin, right? Make use of my free resources to help you get clarity and strategy in your art business!

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