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I created this collection to highlight a really important truth; that despite the abundance of water on our planet, there’s too large a portion of humanity who do not have safe access to this water. 


For most of us, water is a symbol of luxury, but for the people of Lesotho water is a symbol of survival. Although Lesotho is home to some of the most stunning bodies of water, her people have very limited access this water. 20% of all profits from this collection will go towards Lokisa – an on the ground operation that has been working with locals to improve their access to safe drinking water.


You can find out more about Lokisa at the end of the catalogue. I’m so excited to partner with you – my collector community – to help.


There is a rhythm of give and take found in the movement of water around our earth.


 A river empties itself into the ocean, understanding that as water is offered up to the sky it will again rain down on the very brooks where it began. 


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Art that  matters

Thank you to everyone who partnered with me in the sale of this collection. Paintings sales were a major contributor to Lokisa's efforts in Ha Letlatsa, Lesotho.


About Lokisa

In Sesotho, ‘Lokisa’ means to repair, correct or fix and that is their vision: to repair existing water systems, correct access to clean, safe water and to fix some of the underlying issues through education and advocacy.


Project Ha Letlatsa

Ha Letlatsa is one of the most remote and forgotten villages in Lesotho with many challenges; including no electricity, phone reception or roads leading into the village. But their toughest challenge is gaining access to clean water. This project saw water piped to the village of He Letlatsa and the installation of the first ever flashing toilet.

What's next for Ha Letlatsa?

Lokisa continues to hire and train local workers to improve the quality of the village. The next project is to increase the number of flushing toilets in the village. To find out more, give towards to project connect with Lokisa here.


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