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I am Monique: host of the art podcast The Optimistic Artist,  whiskey enthusiast and cheerleader of artists.

I help artist sell their work online so that they can build the creative life of their dreams. I’m a little obsessed with helping artists find and grow their collector base, create demand for their work and sell work they love to people who love it.  I  bring the inspiration, clarity and strategy they need to take their next step towards turning that art hobby into a thriving,  profitable online business. 


I work on collections of paintings that are released seasonally and sell out within hours. Sounds dreamy right? And it is, but it wasn’t always so...


Art marketing resources for selling art online

Did someone say Pants Optional?

Why yes, yes they did. Learn from the comfort of your couch with my ever growing free resource library.

Take your next step towards that creative career today.  No pants required.

Art Marketing tips for online artists


Do you feel like you’re flailing without a strategy or plan? 


Say no to the clutter and being pulled in a million different directions. Focus on the four things that are going to make the biggest difference for you. (By the way, having a website is not even on the list!)


Download my free starter guide and take your first step towards that creative dream of yours.

Art marketing tips, productivity hacks, artist mindset, finances, failures; hit subscribe and join the conversation as we discover what’s possible on The Optimistic Artist.

Are you pouring hours into your work but not actually making any money selling art?  Do you ever find you're comparing yourself to others and wondering what you’re missing? Creative markets, art fairs, art prizes, instagram….doing all the things but still not feeling seen, valued or living the life of creative freedom you imagined? Hit subscribe and find clarity, strategy and inspiration from yours truly as well as many other experts in the field.

Become a Collector

See the latest collection of original augmented reality artworks.


Come say hello:  @moniquestorey

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