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4 Steps to Turn Your Art Hobby Into a Thriving Business

Find your audience, create demand and sell work you love to people who love it.

Do you feel like you’re flailing without a strategy or plan? 

Say no to the clutter and being pulled in a million different directions and focus on the 4 things that are going to make the biggest difference for you.
(By the way, having a website is not even on the list!)

  • A little mindset pep talk from yours truly.

  • Ideas and strategies for finding and connecting with your ideal collector.

  • Tips for how to create demand and put buyers into action mode.

  • Prompts to help your time on social media move the needle.

  • A social media planning template that’s going to save you hours.

  • My online launch strategy.

  • And the one thing that I attribute all my success to.

What’s included:


If you’re posting on Instagram and hearing crickets, don’t worry – we’ve all been there and I’ve got you! This guide sheds light on exactly why that is and shows you a better way.

Learn how to create demand for your work and build a community of engaged collectors who are excited to buy from you. 


A little about me...

I’m Monique Storey, The Optimistic Artist

Several years ago I found myself in a new city with no job, no community and no plan, but a heart full of possibility. Fast forward many hours trying different strategies to sell my art, mistakes made and a ton of experience gained; and ultimately, I found a winning strategy. 


Using the power of story and a solid launch strategy, I built a community of engaged collectors, created demand for my work and sold out an entire online collection in 3 minutes! Several years and many, many sold out launches later I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing art, whilst also thriving as a mum and creative.  


I am passionate about helping driven artists – who are overwhelmed by the mystery of making money – go from feeling stuck, unsupported and underpaid to confident, connected business owners with an audience who are excited to buy their work online. 


If you want to work hard to create a life of creativity and flexibility I’m so excited to meet you and share the four things that helped me turn my hobby into a profitable business.

Get  the free guide here!


Clarity & strategy.


Are you pouring hours into your work but not feeling like you’re actually making any money? Ever find yourself comparing yourself to others and wondering what you’re missing? Only hearing crickets after haphazardly putting work up on instagram? 

Markets, art fairs, art prizes, instagram….doing all the things but still feeling unseen and underpaid? Sometimes the idea of ever becoming a “successful artist” can seem completely out of reach, but I'm here to tell you it’s possible friend!


It took me many hours and way too many rabbit holes to forge my own path to success. This FREE starter guide will let you in on the top 4 things you can start to implement today to get that dream of yours off the ground.

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