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Your guide to commissions

Things you need to consider before saying yes to commissions.

Includes your free template to create your own commission info pack in ten minutes flat.

Episode 4

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Episode 4

Things you need to know before saying yes to a commission

Things you need to know before saying yes to a commission

To help you implement what you learn in this episode grab my free Commission Info Template.


Create your very own commission info pack with my free drag and drop template. You can literally have your own branded info pack to send out to clients today!

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Show notes

What's your strategy for taking on commissions as an artist?

Do questions like “How to get commissions?” or “Should I charge a deposit for commissions?” have your head spinning? Commissions can be a great way to not only bring in money in between collections and shows, but to make really deep connections with art collectors and have them become life long advocates for you work. There are some important commission guidelines for artists that are worth considering before you jump in.


In this episode I chat about some things to consider when doing commissions including financial boundaries, communication tips, my own commission process and we answer the dreaded question of “What if they don’t like it?” Whether you’ve been burnt in the past and have sworn off doing commissions, are too scared to try or looking for more, this episode will bring value to your commission process. I also tell you about my free resource that will help you make your own commission info pack. 



Get the commission template for free here.


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