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"Thank you! Your podcast is on repeat filling me with confidence and ideas"

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Art marketing resources for selling art online

Did someone say Pants Optional?

Why yes, yes they did. Learn from the comfort of your couch with my ever growing free resource library.

Take your next step towards that creative career today.  No pants required.

I'm Monique Storey

I’m deeply passionate about helping driven artists, who are overwhelmed by the mystery of making money go from feeling stuck, unsupported and underpaid to confident, connected business owners with an audience who are excited to buy their work.


How do I price my work? How do I sell my art online? How do I reach collectors? Where do I even begin?! It can feel like a lot to navigate the art business world on your own. Listen to the trailer, hit subscribe and join a community of artists forging their own path to success.


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