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First and foremost:

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I am a Sydney based abstract artist, whiskey enthusiast and ‘that mum with paint in her hair.' 

For as long as I can remember I have been deeply moved by the art of visual communication. I am driven by the belief that we are visual interpreters; the colours, form and texture of a good painting is about more than aesthetics. It can remind us of something important and speak truth when we need it most. I  create paintings that mean something important enough to be part of the sacred spaces we call our homes. Therefore each painting comes with an individual meaning, and it’s seeing people connect with and find hope in these meanings that brings me the greatest joy as an artist.

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My work is a combination of fast thinking as chemicals react and patience as thin layers build on each other. Each painting is its own set of unique chemical reactions, creating an unpredictability and excitement to the process. Using acrylic paint, metallic ink, silicone oil and questionably old paint water, I create quietly complex textures that calls you to step closer.

I draw hugely from nature for both my mark making (often using found objects to mark the canvas) and to inform the meaning behind my work. From phosphorescence to fossils, I marvel at nature's beauty and complexity; frequently allowing metaphors found in nature to inform my work.

Past collections

become a collector

Become a  collector

You might be  drawn in by the visual elements of colour and texture, but you’ll linger as you discover the story behind each piece.

I release work seasonally in online launches.  Collections tend to sell out on launch day, but subscribers get early access. If you’d love to own your own unique set of chemical reactions, be sure to jump on my collectors email list so that you don’t miss out. If you’re interested in a commissioning a piece, you can find out about the waitlist, price guides and more here.

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Find out about  Commissions 

Whatever you hang on your walls, make sure it means something important enough to take up valuable space in the place you make your memories. Commissioning are a cut above the rest resulting in an artwork that becomes part of your story and gets passed down through generations.

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