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I’m so glad your experience at The Other Art Fair went well and you’re feeling pumped to keep up the momentum! Did you know that what happens after the fair is just as important and likely to effect sales as what happens at the fair?


Let’s make all the hard work you did pre fair and at the fair really work for you! Here are a couple of ideas for how you can keep the momentum going:

Email potential collectors you connected with and offer them a special post fair discount on available work. They looked at art all weekend and if they didn’t buy they’re likely struggling with indecision. Offering even a small 10%  discount could be just what they need to get themselves over the line. Be sure to put a deadline on the discount to encourage them to take action.


Email people who bought artwork and continue to nurture your relationship with them. They are your best potential future customers- they already love your work enough to buy, are likely to want to choose something that matches the piece they just bought from you and are familiar with you. Nurturing this relationship over the next few months through email could mean between 2-5 more sales in the next few years. If you haven't got an email list or you'd like to know more about how to grow it, I have a great blog post that might help you out.


Make your fair related content work for you! Check out this post that will show you how to take your photos and videos from TOAF and make them work for you for weeks. Be sure to use the hashtag #theotherartfairsydney and #theotherartfair as it will be trending right now and will increase your exposure.

OK, there’s a million other ways to keep the momentum up, but honestly, I think you should just follow the podcast if you haven’t already. I created the podcast to give artist the clarity, strategy and inspiration they need to take their next step- be it to refine your commission process, start selling online or grow your audience. Check out some of my favourite episodes below.


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