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Episode 16: Pathways to success for artists: insight from artist mentor Laura Brandon

"Picture this: 20 years of art-world wisdom coupled with a fierce passion to see artists succeed. Sound like someone you wanna get in the room with, right? Well, this week on The Optimistic Artist, I get you a front row seat to my conversation with the one and only Laura Brandon - art consultant and mentor extraordinaire with over 20 years of experience working with artists to propel them forward.

We delve into the traits that set successful artists apart, navigating gallery partnerships, and alternative paths to boost your art career.

Check out this weeks episode and discover the secrets to unlocking your artistic potential and achieving success in the ever-evolving art world. There’s more than one way to succeed as an artist, and Laura Brandon so generously shares a ton of ideas of how artists can take their next step forward.

Tune in to this week's episode for a fresh wave of inspiration and actionable advice that will transform your artistic journey!"

Some of my favourite quotes and highlights.


Show Notes

Connect with Laura on Instagram

Artist Q and A

Have a question? Have your question answered in detail by submitting it to the fortnightly Optimistic Artist Q & A session here. Questions will be answered live on instagram and published to the podcast the following week.

Licensing and Brand colab Mentorship.

Learning how to license your artwork and collaborate with brands is one of the best ways to propel your career. If brand colabs and art licensing is your next step, sign up to the Art Licensing Workshop Waitlist.


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