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Episode 5: Rediscover yourself as an artist with Phoebe Gander on The Optimistic Artist

Show Notes:

When did you answer the call to be an artist? Do you feel like you’ve fully stepped into that calling or have you just picked up the phone? Maybe the phone is still ringing???

So many artists I talk to were passionately creating space for their creative calling when they were younger only to find themselves years later feeling like that calling is drowned out by a sea of fear, family realities and the pressure of a ‘real job.’ Whether you’re slowly answering the call or the phone is still ringing, this episode with the incredible Phoebe Gander will encourage you to keep on discovering and rediscovering who you are as a creative…no matter what season of life you find yourself in.

Do you know what often correlates with our creativity being drowned out by other things? A decline in mental health. Here’s the thing. If you’re like Phoebe and I, there’s a certain part of you that will never flourish unless you are being creative. Like many creatives Phoebe started off knee deep in paint when she was younger- before life slowly pulled her away from her creativity. Hear the story of how through the journey of motherhood, hardship and realising she had ADHD Phoebe came home to an even better version of herself and built an incredible and joyous art business.

We chat vulnerably about origin stories, pivoting as an artist, her reel that got over 9 million views, motherhood, being neurodivergent and so much more. I love this episode because it shows that the path towards your creative dream is not linear. If you feel like you’re on a journey of coming back to your creativity or on the edge of a pivot, I highly recommend this episode! Check out the highlights and links to connect with Phoebe below.

Some of my favourite quotes and highlights.

Connect with Phoebe and find out more about her colour mixing course!



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