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Media Visibility for Artists with Jess Hughes

Have you ever considered media visibility as an art marketing strategy?

Here’s the thing, there IS an audience of excited art collectors who will connect with you and your work, but it take more than luck and a few instagram posts to find them. In this episode I chat with media visibility coach Jess Hughes who has been featured in Forbes, TED, and NBC to name a few…Why? Because she understands how to leverage media coverage to build traction in her art career. We chat about the mindset required, some dos and don’ts for getting featured in the media and the value of persistence and human relationships.

If you’re looking to grow your audience or to expand your reach while maintaining relational integrity, today’s episode is going to be your jam!

Episode Mentions an Links

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DISCOVER YOUR STORY Listen to episode 2: Discover your story and tell it in a way that sells.


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