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Price your art with ease!

One of the most frequently asked question is “How do I price my art work?”

And I get it. It can feel hard and overwhelming to know how much to charge for your art. How do you possibly decide on a price for your artwork when it feels so subjective, right?

Well in Episode 14 of The Optimistic Artist I help you see that there's not as many subjective grey areas, as you might think. If self doubt and confusion has you grabbing numbers out of the air, then this episode (and the attached free pricing guide) is going to bring you so much joy.

I cover everything pricing from:

  • Pricing prints and originals

  • How much more to charge for commissions

  • Taking commission deposits.

  • Gallery commissions

  • How and why to have different price points in your business AND

  • A super handy little formula to help guide you as you price your work.

Free Art Pricing Guide and Calculator

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