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Episode 9: Ideas and tips for using video to market your art with Zach Wolfson

Video is by far the most powerful tool to grow your audience and make meaningful connections that ultimately lead to sales. Whether you’re new to using video or you’ve been using video for a while in your art business, you will find some gold in this episode with Zach Wolfson. From how to fit video into your art practise, to equipment lists and marketing tips- this episode will simplify and inspire you to start, keep going or level up your video game. I took so many notes! Check out the show notes where you can connect with Zach and get your hands on my free resource that shows you how to get more life out of your content.

Show Notes:

Some of my favourite quotes and highlights.


Connect with Zach

Making Mini Art Videos workshop

In this short workshop, Zach shows you how to make and use "mini" art videos that document your journey and attract the right people to your audience — while you're back in the studio.

→ Sign up here:

Ready to Record membership

Turn your art videos into an art marketing system for your art business. Ready to Record is a membership and community for artists who want to make and use art videos regularly to sustainably

market their artwork online. Waitlist available.


Get more life out of your content (free download)

You don't need to be creating new content every day! Learn how to make your content go the distance- making the fact that you put on a clean shirt and tidied the studio for a shoot actually worth it! Find out more.


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