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Ep. 14 Increase your art sales with an email newsletter: Cycy Recoura

Did you know that my email list is my number one driver of art sales?

If every part of my art business disappeared and I could choose just one aspect to rely on, my email list would be it! In this episode I chat with art mentor Cycle Recoura about the power of an email list to drive sales. She tells her story about when Instagram just wasn’t working, her email art newsletter transformed her business.

We chat everything from how to get started, how to get people on your list and what to write. If you’re wondering how to make better connections with collectors that lead to sales, this episode if for you!

Show Notes:

Some of my highlights.


Connect with Cycy

Connect with Cycle on Instagram

Join Cycy's Artist Newsletter workshop.

Learn how to set up and grow your artist newsletter by grabbing one of the ten spots for Cycle's intimate coaching program. Registrations closes Sunday April 9.

→ Sign up here: The Artist Newsletter


Learn more about email marketing for artists on my blog.


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